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We can help you plan your wedding! Read more below!

So, you're getting married! Congratulations! Now comes the hard part. What to do. You've got questions; it's too much to take in; there's a lot for me to think about. Enter: MAGICALLY YOURS DJs. We've been doing this for over 30 years and our online Wedding Planning tool will help you every step of the way. Then when we meet in person, the first, second or even a third time, we'll hon it and help you to breathe easy and chill out. We got your back.

Planning a wedding does come with it's advantages, however. You are the Executive Producer and this is your show! Like a broadway production, it only goes down once and "Magically Yours DJs" will help you make it go down "RIGHT!"

Here are a few things we'll discuss and some homework for you to get ready for your special day.

Wedding Planning 101!

  • Do you have a wedding date set?
  • What type of ceremony/reception do you want?
  • Do you want a traditional church wedding or a ceremony at the reception site?
  • How many guests are you considering?
    • This question has sub-sections

    • The number of guests determines where you'll have your reception
    • How many are traveling long distances?
    • When will they arrive?
    • Where will your guests stay?
    • Have you thought about a group discount from the hotel?
    • Will you need shuttle transportation?
    • And there's more... but relax; we have your back!
  • Have you thought about invitations?

    • Will you make them yourself or ...
    • Order them from a professional invitation service
    • Did you know that Magicall Yours DJs' owner is a graphic artist and could help you as part of your package price?
  • What about the photographer?

    • There are several things to consider
    • Do you want someone that just takes pictures or ...
    • Have you thought about a photo-journalist style where you don't know where s/he is/are but they produce 300 - 400 pictures! WOW! Or ...
    • Will you have guests take pics on their phones?
    • Did you know that your DJ actually takes PICTURES for you at your reception and is already there before your professional photographer arrives getting pictures you never dreamed of?
    • Take a look at our Gallery and see... all the pics on this site were taken by DJ PeterB for the brides as part of their wedding package.
  • Have you thought about a videographer?

    • It's a bit more expensive but will really help create magical memories.
  • Have you considered the cake?

    • Here are a few options:
    • Having a family member do it for you could lead to disaster. Ask me and I'll tell you horror stories.
    • Consider a baker that's established and offers you a cake on a per piece or for a range of guests.
    • Find a baker that'll give you a small cake on your anniversary for FREE!
      I did and it was far better than saving the top for a year in the freezer!
    • Lot's more to consider... just ask me.